How to find your Purpose in life

Hey Wild & Free Spirits!

In last week's blog, I talked about finding your passion and described passion as the "spark of inspiration and excitement that compels you to do, be or create amazing things with your life." passion quite often can lead you to your purpose. If passion is the excitement for what you do, then purpose is your conviction.

If you want to find a career that gives you a sense of purpose, it starts with figuring out what you BELIEVE in.

You have to believe in what you're doing with every fiber of your being.

As a purpose-driven person, every job I've had has been because I believed in the mission, vision and work. When I do something, I commit to it wholeheartedly because I deeply care about the work I do, the people I work with and the people my work serves. 

There's nothing half-ass about my work ethic.

Which is exactly why I became a Coach—because I believe you have a profound purpose. I believe you can profit from you passion and create a life that energizes you instead of draining you.

My unwavering belief in what I do—my conviction for what I do—has fueled the fire in my belly and sustained it. If you don't care about what you're doing and you don't believe in it, then why bother doing it at all?

What's the point?

If you're currently in a position doing work you don't care about, rather than just sticking it out for the money, why not think about what you DO care about and ways you can pursue that. At this point, you have nothing to lose.

If you want to find a career that gives you a sense of purpose, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do you care about?

2. What do you believe in?

When you connect the answer to these questions to your answers from last week about your passion, you're one step closer to a career and life that sets your soul on fire!