Money Magnet

4-weeks to attract the money you desire instead of chasing after it!


Magnetic Mind

Bring your ATTENTION to your INTENTION.

Train your mind to become a highly magnetic force to attract the money you desire.

  • Harness the power of your thoughts
  • Create clear intentions and focused attention 
  • Align your thoughts with your intention
  • Turn your mind into a magnet for money




Balanced Body

Amp up your vibe!

Match your physical energy to your magnetic intention to invite more wealth and abundance into your life.

  • Purge and purify your energy
  • Release energetic blocks to money
  • Amplify your energy and raise your vibration
  • Generate a signal aligned with your intention




Inspired Spirit

BE-come a money magnet.

Take inspired actions aligned with your intention and become a money magnet. 

  • Discover what you believe about money
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs regarding money
  • Connect your intention to your reality
  • Believe you are a money magnet!




Holy Shift!

This shift just got real!

Notice the shifts that have occurred in your life and recognize your magnetic nature.

  • Notice the shifts in your life
  • Recognize your magnetic nature
  • Nurture your newfound awareness
  • Develop a practice to maintain your magnetism


You don't have to chase after money anymore, you can bring it directly to you!

Claim your spot and become a money magnet!